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Basic H is a 16 oz. bottle of wonder.  Depending on ratio used, it can be made into 25 - 100 gallons worth of cleaners. 

General Cleaning Items:

                Mirrors, windows, countertops (granite, marble, laminate), floors (wood, tile, vinyl, laminate), baths, appliances, house plants, wood furniture, laundry pre-spray, garage floor, rose bushes, vehicles, shoes, bathe pets (rids of fleas, skunk, wet dog smell), horse fly spray, stables, and much more!

Basic H is 100% ORGANIC, NON TOXIC- not a soap or detergent. 



Question to You:

           Anyone in your household have Allergies, Asthma, Sensitive Skin?

Many household cleaners contain toxins that can be absorbed by skin or inhaled which can cause health problems in time for anyone, including pets.   I didn't realize how run-down I felt after cleaning the house until after using Basic H - I now have energy when finished.  To clean more or to play with granddaughter, latter of the two sounds better, huh!  Fumes from cleaners used to kill me, especially in the shower- now I clean while inside and use a daily shower mix spray which helps with water spots.  

Also available is Basic H Wipes and Disinfecting Wipes.  They can be used just like the spray mixtures.  Try the Basic G (germicide) to add with Basic H mixtures if wanting to disinfect, this also goes a long way.  

*Note:  Always remember to test on everything.   It is safe to mix Shaklee Cleaning and Laundry products for big dirty jobs.   These will not take away illnesses but a chance of decreasing symtoms.


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